Who is ESONMUZIC??? ......when I hit the stage... I captivate.... when I hit the studio... the magic begins....

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I create fresh, vibrant reggae music touching upon various genres involving Hip Hop & R&B; depicting the essence of life's experiences through song.  My music is my life.  I live it, breathe it, speak it, experience it....  

My History

Born in 1981 in Kingston, Jamaica, I now reside in Austin, TX by way of Brooklyn, NY.  Those artists who have inspired me include the legendary Bob Marley, Sizzle and Capleton.  I work  hard to prove my heritage is strong, representing world music,  in unification of all, to and from the far corners of the world.  I plan to touch every individual with my lyrics and experiences through song.    Bigg Up!! to Kingston, Jamaica, Peace to Jah, One Love, One Heart.

My thoughts

"There is so much influence on my writing .  My inspiration is life  itself!  As human beings – what we go through – love, hate, poverty, depression…. I can listen to a beat, it just talks to me.  It doesn’t matter where I am – driving, in the shower – anywhere.  It is hard for me to explain talking about it- but it comes so natural to me when I’m in the process of actually writing."

My musical aspiration

"My musical aspiration is to fascinate the WORLD.  Every step is a different level.  Each phase has propelled me to the next. I intend to  be visible and to mesmerize  the global audience.  My hope is to be on a grander  level within the music industry; but regardless of any success, music is my drive and my passion.  It is all I want to do – music is my getaway and my gateway drug. "